Jerk chicken is one of the Caribbean’s most famous dishes.  Levi’s version has sweet and spicy jerk chicken served with a fragrant coconut rice infused with chilli heat – perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Meal Type: Lunch/ Dinner
Servings: 4
Prep Time: Light
Cook Time: 60 min
Cuisine: Caribbean


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1200g of Chicken drumsticks

2 tbsp of Olive Oil

1 tbsp of Plain Flour

1 Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Jerk BBQ Sauce

500g of Basmati Rice

3 Spring Onion

⅙ Garlic

400g of Red Kidney Beans

400g of Coconut Milk

2 Red Chilli

5g of Thyme

1 tsp of Salt

2 Lime


  1. In a mixing bowl, add the chicken, Reggae Reggae Sauce, plain flour and oil and mix well to marinate the chicken.
  2. Leave the chicken in the marinade in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Preheat the oven to 190c/170c Fan.
  4. Place the marinated chicken on a baking tray (keep the leftover marinade and use it for basting the chicken after 15 minutes).
  5. Cook in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes or until the chicken is cooked, remembering to baste with the remaining marinade half way through.
  6. Alternatively, cook it on a BBQ or under a grill until the chicken is cooked through and the juices run clear.
  7. For the rice ‘n’ peas, rinse the rice in a sieve until the water runs clear.
  8. Lightly smash 1 of the spring onions with the side of a knife and chop the garlic.
  9. Add the kidney beans (including the liquid), 125ml of water per serving and coconut milk to a large saucepan, along with the smashed spring onion.
  10. Add the chilli, garlic, thyme and salt. Stir through and bring to the boil.
  11. When it reaches a boil, add the rice, stir and reduce the heat to low.
  12. Cook for 15 minutes with the lid on, or until the rice has absorbed all of the liquid.
  13. Turn off the heat and leave to stand with the lid on for 10 minutes.
  14. Meanwhile, cut the limes into wedges and thinly slice the remaining spring onions.
  15. Serve the Reggae Reggae chicken with the rice ‘n’ peas’ and lime wedges, garnished with spring onions.
  16. This recipe is traditionally made with a Scotch Bonnet Chilli. We have given a red chilli quantity because of possible sourcing issues.
  17. If you would like a truly authentic Caribbean flavour, just substitute 1 Scotch Bonnet Chilli per 4 portions.

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