Levi Wins Reggae Reggae Court Case

Levi Wins Reggae Reggae Court Case

As expected, the High Court today has completely rejected the claims made by Mr Bailey and Mr Williams that they had any role in developing the recipe for Reggae Reggae sauce, or that they should be given any share of the Reggae Reggae business built up by Levi Roots.

Mr Bailey and Mr Williams have been ordered to pay Levi’s full legal costs for defending this litigation.

Following the decision, Levi Roots said:

“Today’s court ruling confirms that neither Mr Bailey nor Mr Williams had anything to do with the Reggae Reggae sauce recipe, or had any interest at all in the Reggae Reggae business. A lot of other people helped me along the road building up the Reggae Reggae business, but neither of those gentlemen played any part on that journey.

Their untrue allegations, made in the hope of making some easy money, have now been completely quashed and the Court has made an Order preventing them from being repeated.

I would like to thank my legal team who have worked tirelessly over the last two years to help me to prove that these allegations were completely untrue. I would also like to thank the Reggae Reggae licensees and distributors for their supports whilst we were fighting this litigation.”